Bright and Patinated Brass Double Arm Argand Lamp with Central Oil Font on a standard with a Glass bobeche and Glass bobeches beneath both burners dripping glass prisms.
Lacquered Brass Double-Arm Argand Lamp with glass bobeche and prisms
Messenger & Sons, Birmingham, c. 1825


Brass Double-Arm Argand Lamp                          

with Central Glass Bobeche/Luster Ring

Messenger & Sons

Birmingham, England

H: 26″

(replaced shades, electrified)

Ami Argand invented an air-flow design for oil burners that created more thorough combustion and therefore brighter light with less smoke than ever before. The Argand burner was patented in England in 1784. The present lamp with Argand burners was made about 1825 by the preeminent manufacturer of patent lamps.

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