Our approach and mission of Carswell Rush Berlin, Inc., is to bring to the market important, high-style examples of furniture designed and made in America’s leading fashion and furniture-making centers between 1800 and 1840.


Our approach means each piece is thoroughly researched, detailing the design source that inspired the piece, information about the maker, if known, and where closely related examples can be found in museum collections and/or in the literature on American furniture.  A detailed condition report is also prepared.  This report details restoration done by CRBI and any previous restoration.  We strive to offer a broad array of forms and a broad array of prices.  Every piece is exceptional and carefully selected over hundreds of inferior examples.  Each is special for a variety of reasons including, beauty, rarity, condition, provenance and utility and every piece is an outstanding example of its form.  Some are supreme masterpieces, conceived to awe and on which no expense was spared.  Here, the wheat has been separated from the chaff.  Our approach means that every object that we offer has an unconditional, money-back, guarantee to be as described.  We are sometimes asked if a piece has “papers” or some kind of authoritative letter of authenticity.  The answer is yes: our invoice is that paper.

Carswell Rush Berlin inventory can be viewed on-line at the CRBI website, InCollect.com, ADA Dealers, Collector’s Eye, and Instagram.  Pieces can be inspected by appointment in New York City at the client’s convenience.

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