Lacquered Brass Figural Solar Lamp

Cornelius & Co. (1839-1851)

Labeled: Cornelius & Co./ Philad/ Patent/ April 16th 1843

Philadelphia, 1843-1850

The etched glass tulip-shaped shade and glass chimney above a spun brass oil font raised on a maiden-form figural standard on a cylindrical pedestal on a square brass plinth.

H: 31″

Condition: Shade and chimney of later date, burner converted to kerosene, lacquer surface degraded and brass tarnished.

A lamp with an apparently identical maiden-form standard is illustrated in the 1860 Dietz & Company catalog in plate 32, item No. 149.  This is not entirely surprising as by 1849, Cornelius had formed a partnership with Dietz & Company of New York and shades and lamp bases from the two firms were often intermixed in the succeeding years.

A very closely related maiden-form standard Solar lamp base was also produced by Henry N. Hooper & Co. of Boston and it appears in their 1850 catalog as No. 505.