Five-Piece Coin Silver Tea Service

Comprising: 2 Tea Pots h: 9.75″, Lidded Sugar Bowl h: 8.25″, Cream Pitcher h: 7″ & Waste Bowl h: 5.5″

Thomas Fletcher (1787-1866) & Sydney Gardiner (1787-1827)

Each with Circular Impressed Mark: Fletcher & Gardiner/ Philadelphia (in Phila. 1811-1827)

Philadelphia, c. 1825

170 oz. Troy

Each piece with repoussé, chased, die-rolled and cast decoration, the tea pots with original carved wood handles.

Condition: Excellent: leaf tip on one pot finial missing, cream pitcher with later engraved inscription: Alice F. Aertsen 1902

The firm of Fletcher and Gardiner was among the finest silversmiths in the United States in the Classical period. They were commissioned to create a pair of monumental, highly decorated presentation urns to celebrate Governor De Witt Clinton’s important role in the creation and completion of the Erie Canal in 1825 (collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art) and the monumental presentation urn from the citizens of Philadelphia to Captain Isaac Hull (c. 1813), for his heroic naval victory commanding the USS Constitution in its battle with British frigate HMS Guerriere in the War of 1812 (collection Naval Historical Foundation), among many other important presentation pieces.

The tea service descended in the family of Alice F. Aertsen (1842-1916), as the inscription on the cream jug attests. The Aertsen’s were a prominent Philadelphia family. Alice’s father, James M. Aertsen, living in fashionable Germantown, at 131 West Coulter, was, from its founding in 1854, the Vice President of The Saving Fund Society of Germantown and the President of the Episcopal Tract Society.

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